4 Ways to Instantly Boost Social Media Reach

An effective social media strategy is a powerful tool. Let’s face it, it's no longer optional. As a business owner, you already know that social media can do so much for you, from helping your business innovate to providing your valuable followers with the opportunity to interact and engage with your brand; the power of social media is evident. However, social media is constantly changing and evolving so much so that keeping up with it could be a full-time job! As you can assume, it is inevitable that as social media develops, traditional approaches no longer work. Sure, you could buy your first few hundred subscribers but that will be superficial and short sighted. The key to a high quality social media reach is to actually earn your followers.

As a digital marketing agency, we at Midas Digital decided to make your life a little bit easier, you know, as a late Christmas present... By the end of this blog, we will have shown you the 4 social tactics which can help you instantly boost your organic social media reach. This will allow you to keep up with the rapidly shifting pace of social media.

1) Invite fans to like your Facebook page

Have you recently posted an engaging and interesting image to your Facebook page, only to watch the likes started rolling in one after another? This does NOT means that you have more likes on your Facebook page, unfortunately. Even if someone likes your post or image, this does not mean that they are going to follow your page. In fact, 96% of the people that discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles!

There is an art to making your Facebook page awash with new likes and hence, once mastered, this will then increase your social media reach. Facebook have added an incredible feature which enables you to invite people who've liked one of your posts to like your Facebook page as well. The best part of this feature is that these "likers" or fans have already expressed an interest in your post or brand. By getting them on board, you get a qualified and loyal fan base – the ultimate goal of your social media strategy!

In regards to your fan base - we ought to give them the benefit of the doubt, just this once... Let's pretend they just forgot to hit that like button. All they need is a very gentle reminder to follow you. Which will, 90% of the time, work like a charm!

Now, step by step, let’s reveal how this magic trick works.

To access this feature, log into Facebook on your desktop, then proceed to your page. Click on the likes bar under any post or image. You’ll automatically get a list of everyone who has liked your page and who has already been invited to like it. If a user hasn't followed your page yet, you have the opportunity to invite them – all at just the click of a button!


And here is a bonus tip: If you want this feature to work every time, then we suggest to invite fans to like your page within 24 hours after they’ve engaged with your post. This ensures better conversion rates, more page likes and a broader social media reach!

2) Write engaging content and educate your audience

Writing great content is all about engagement. 

Let's unfold this in the eyes of Gary Vaynerchuk (better known as GaryVee) - an entrepreneur, a CEO of a social-media-focused digital agency, investor, and an author. We can all learn a lot from the person who took over his father's wine business, Wine Library, and made a significant shift in profit from $3M to $60M in five years. With much experience in the social media sector, Gary's words of wisdom can help us better understand how to write engaging content while educating the audience, all done with respect to the audience and to the subject matter.

First, you need to engage with your desired social media platform, and ask yourself why you have chosen said platform and what your target audience are doing when they’re on the platform. Gary explains that if you target women in their 40s, your social media strategy should be different on Facebook where they want to keep up with world news and on Pinterest where they intend to shop.

Second, you need to engage with your audience and analyse what they would want to read. Following Gary's example, if you want to sell wine to women in their 40s, then you need to write engaging content that would appeal to them. To illustrate, if you are in the wine business, then a blog on how the antioxidants in wine can have health benefits for women in their 40's, would be a hit!


3) Boosting Facebook posts is close to useless

Don’t touch the Facebook boost button on your posts – it’s a waste of time, energy and money.

Why is boosting Facebook posts a waste of money, you ask?

When you click on that boost button to promote one of your posts, Facebook will let you choose an audience, budget and the duration of your campaign. What it doesn’t let you choose is your objective. So, even if you decide to boost a link post, Facebook will still optimise for engagement and not link clicks. You’ll end up with millions of likes and comments, but just a small fraction of clicks and minimum conversion rates. Is that what every business needs? No, thank you.

And don’t get us started on the limited targeting options. Although you can choose specific interests, the choices are still very limited. Quite frankly, even allocating 10% of your budget to this feature (the Facebook boost button) can loose you a shocking amount of money; with a pitiful ROI.


4) Keep up with the emergence of new platforms and share content on different social media platforms

If you only share your blogs, articles and news on your website, are you doing yourself and your content its due dilligence? Even if you are experiencing success with this method, you must ask yourself: is it actually enough?

In fact, trying to squeeze more traffic out of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ is merely not sufficient to boost social media reach. Or, sometimes your great content just doesn't get as much mileage as it deserves. After all, you can write the wittiest, most useful and educational posts ever known to mankind, but if you limit yourself to one platform you are missing out on sharing it with the world, you will be effacing yourself of the opportunity to organically increase your social media reach.

The big question is – which  platforms are likely to increase your followers base?

  • Medium is a killer way to get your best content in front of a massive audience. While Medium might look like a standard blogging platform, it is actually ‘designed for little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world’. This platform has evolved into a community of writers and readers and great stories spread like wildfire!
  • Li.st is a great app to share your experience, opinion and expertise while enjoying lists in a vibrant and positive community.
  • Linkedin Pulse is LinkedIn's version of a personalized newsfeed which distributes the right headlines to the right audience. Do not worry if you don’t have time to write a long post on Linkedin. Over 70% of Pulse featured articles are under 1,000 words and still get exposure as long as they are frequent. Here is an example of how Linkedin Pulse posts look like: 


You shouldn't expect to join Linkedin Pulse, Medium or Li.st and have 1,000 potential customers following you the next day, but one thing is for sure – the more engaging content you share on different social media platforms, the more social media reach you get. It’s as simple as that. Select a winning topic, spend time writing a unique headline and content, grow your followers base and promote your posts outside these three platforms. That’s the winning formula.

It is true that social media platforms never stand still. Staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media platforms can make you feel like you’re running on a really fast treadmill while attempting to achieve your multifarious goal. It’s hard. New platforms, algorithm changes, new features and new opportunities to integrate social media marketing are constantly emerging. Ello, Medium, Periscope, Li.st – to name but a few. In fact, more than 52% of adults are using two or more social media channels to interact with their favourite brands. However, the challenge of staying on top can increase your chances of getting noticed and thus to instantly boost your social media reach.

We would like to take this oppurtunity to share with you the latest and greatest social media platforms and all the statistics you need to get started! It's the little things...

  • Ello-  the only network designed for creators by creators with more than 1 million users.  It was launched in 2014 as an ad-free alternative to existing social networks.
  • Periscope- a live video streaming app acquired by Twitter in 2015. It is a powerful source of truth that connects users in an authentic way with the world around us. 
  • Peach- a mobile application-based social network which was introduced in 2016. It seeks to slide in to the space in our digital lives somewhere between Twitter and Facebook.

A recent survey revealed that only 40.5% of CMO's believe social media can provide a sizeable boost to there marketing strategy. However, we at Midas Digital, know that improving social media reach is an integral part of sustainable business growth. Now, with all the information and tricks you gathered from this blog, you should be able to improve your social media presence and feel confident to take over the social media world!